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The Earth Pocket Oracle Cards

Receive Messages of Love, Light, and Guidance from


The Earth Pocket Oracle Cards 


20 beautiful individual cards - each deck is lovingly blessed by bliss and wrapped in a grounding bag for safe keeping.


Use these beautiful pocket sized cards to connect with spirit and your inner self, to receive messages of love, light, and guidance from the divine. Use the earthly and powerful spiritual energy from these magical cards to gain insight into your present, past, future, and soul journey.


Each card is beautiful and unique, each with its own Life-affirming message. each with symbols of magic, joy, purity, and life. Individually blessed with spiritual light that makes miracles happen. Harness your power and that of the universe to welcome inner peace, prosperity, positive energy, miracles, and clarity into your life. These cards have been designed for you to really connect to your innerself and ask the divine for the answers, which enables you to give intuitive readings to yourself and others. Let these little cards created by Bliss Summers awaken your intuitive abilities, unique gifts, and realise your beautiful divine potential.


Lots of love and light Bliss xxx



The Earth Pocket Oracle Cards